Sunday, January 23, 2011



heyy yalll...

owh my God. after a loooonnnggg break from blogging..finally, ive made a decision to start blogging again. yeay! despite the fact that I dont really have my 'own me-time' nowdays(owh mind u, im a mother of two lovely boys now.Alhamdulillah.two boys ~ 1 infant + 1 todd are totally a handful N a bless)..but yeah, i think i will try my best to keep on updating this dear blog of mine..hee..(huh..highly motivated nih) *clap!clap!*

and yeap! i am totally aware that i dont really have a follower or loyal reader..just yet..hehe..but stalker? weeellll i know i have more thn one..heh! gotcha! (cam bagus plak..huhu) but hey, i dont think i will open my blog to public la this time. what do u think? its not a bad idea kan..hrmm still under consideration stage lg ni.(meditating -_- ) this blog is still open to public readers (buat masa sekarang), i really hope that u'll have a gud time reading my post(s). this time, i will NOT blogging bout me,myself and i ONLY(dont be sad.i dont hv many interesting thing goin on in my life la u.i am only one boring housewife,remember?)teeheehe..but i will make more post on general things or maybe my personal opinion bout somethin. or maybe somethin that we can discuss about. somethin that we can think about. somethin that can be an eye-opening. motivating. somethin that we can share our knowledge n opinion and be beneficial,valuable and useful for everybody. perhaps. (waaahh..berangannn nih.harus bunyi kena ada cm politician sket) hehehe..

actually, my 1st intention of blogging again is because, i had so many things goin on inside my mind..dlm hati dan sanubari ku ini..owh..but i cant really say it all out loud. but..u one point, u know that u have to let go. let it all out.n the best way is by saying it all out loud .from my heart.using my fingers..typing n blogging through this blog.ececey.(clever eh?HAHAHA)

enuff with my introduction post. (panjang berjela2 kot) hee..
later ey!