Monday, March 7, 2011

Liverpool vs Manchester United

LIV : 3 - MU : 1

Goals : Liverpool - Dirk Kuyt 34, Dirk Kuyt 39, Dirk Kuyt 65
Manchester United - Javier Hernandez 90
Venue: Anfield, England

Congratulations to Liverpool and Liverpoolian for your victory against Manchester United.
I know it means the world to you.
I mean, come on..gotta beat the TOP team in the league..who wouldnt be jump up to the sky, ain't it??
It tastes like winning the whole championship, rite??
Anyway, you really deserve the win last nite. I won't deny. *clap!clap!clap!*

 celebrating the goal

owh.its funny how people always tend to join 'the group' when the fact is they don't really know anything bout football or bout the game specifically, BUT still nak jugaaaakkk ckp pasal bola..KELAKAR ok. again, don't bother to be someone that u'r NOT!. ppfffftttt!!

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