Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bruno Mars Live in Malaysia ;)

Wow! Lama tak update blog. I've been busy lately. Sorry guys. Okay, now you see the title? Bruno Mars Live in Malaysia! Yes! He was here in Malaysia, people! And guess what. I went to his concert and it was awesome! Best experience evahhh! I went with little sistahh and my sister in law and her friend. I'd like to thank my little sister for introducing me to bruno mars' music last year. And thanks to her, I had a reason to go to the concert. So, thank you so much adik! Sayang adik <3 Moving on. The concert was the best ever! I mean come on. It's BRUNO MARS! Who doesn't love him, right? His beautiful voice and his cute face melts me. Angau tak habis lagi HAHA his dance is so cute and just plain awesome. Here's a little interesting fact about bruno mars. He has written over 80 songs. Yes, 80! And the only ones we hear on the radio are what, 6? Why?! His songs are amazing just the way they are. See what I did there? ;D Okay, so I suggest all you bruno fans go do a little research. Most of the songs he wrote are for other singers so yeah. But I think it's better if he sang all of them. His voice is the best! So that's it for today. Byebye ;)

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