Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Desperate Housewives ~ Season 7

YES!! they're finally..here! wOOt! wOOt! *sillyvictorydancing*

I am seriously a big fan of DH okeh..since dari season one..
I've been waiting for this seventh season to be premier in Malaysia for sooooo long..
and guess what..i missed the 1st episode which was shown last week, feb 15th!!
(how GGRREEAATT was that?!!!) *booyah!*..owh masa tu tgh bz bersuka ria di Kota Keriangan Genting Highlands bersama suami dan anak2 comel ku yg tercinta..(okay,berbaloi2 termissed 1st episode pon)
anyhoo, saya telah berjaya menonton episode 2 dgn jayanya juz now..
tapi banyak yg x paham sbb x tngok dari episode 1..wuwuwuwu *bummer*
but i bet the seventh season of DH gonna be sooo much fun to watch!
n will be more spicier n refreshing with Vannesa Williams  in it..
ouh, can't wait for next tuesday.. -_-
(counting days....)

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