Friday, February 11, 2011


omaigod. i aaaammmm sooo a fan of Anwar Hadi now! like, seriously..this guy is so freakin awesome!! he is funny..n damn creative..n he has dat 'cool' kind of style..wpun for me, he is still young..but yea..this Anwar Hadi dude has a great sense of humour n big talent..(its NOT easy to do what he did.seriously) watching his vids in youtube is so much fun! (by watching his vids, u'll knw his a smart kid,tho) hehe.. ;p

my fav is this one very sure, every malaysian can relate to what he was talking about. but the way he expressed it..was super awesome n funny (walaupon terasa tgh gelakkan diri sendiri)teehehehe..thank you to my lil sista for showing this video to me. 1st time i watched it wif my sista, we laugh our lungs out! kid u nott!!! if u dont trust me, checkout for urself..jom kita gelak tergolek2 sama2 k!! HAHAHAHA..

funnnnnyyyyy kan??! (cepat, nod ur head laju2!)hee..n vid ni cm cute jgk kot..kannn..HAHAHAHA..sooo guys, u can checkout his youtube channel at this LINK

p/s : if wat adik ipar pon okeh jugeks nih! ngehngehngeh ;p ;p ;p so, what say you, adik??! *wink*wink*

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